Francine DiFilippo

Classical Design & Business Development Consulting, Art Valuation and Procurement by Francine DiFilippo

Classical Design is the rational basis for Francine DiFilippo’s approach to art & business, and it is an integral part of her problem-solving abilities. Francine is a designer in the classic sense, whereby education & experience combine with intuition & insight to bring about an optimum solution. Her method combines both technical and aesthetic considerations, producing a resolution that is the embodiment of enduring use and exceptional style. Businesses and individuals can rely on her to facilitate making decisions and solving problems.

With DiFilippo Kent, Francine strives to optimize both form and function in unique art and usable furniture. By studying a slab of wood she can envision and bring to life an elegantly styled table, pedestal, bench or artwork, each one executed with fine workmanship by Florida craftsmen.

Francine holds a U.S. Government Design Copyright for the “Higgins Table/Bench”. This versatile design demonstrates outstanding engineering, enduring quality, and distinctive style. Other unique wood furniture & art can be found on the Woodwork page of this Web site and at Gulf Coast galleries, including DiFilippo Kent in Sarasota, FL and the Florida Craftsmen Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL.

Francine also offers up-to-date art appraisal and evaluation services to individuals, estates, and businesses in order to determine a work of art’s financial value, physical condition, and owner options.

Francine received her education in the fundamental and established standards of classic design, which she adheres to in each and every design project undertaken, including art, business development, architecture, graphic design, publishing, and marketing.

Art… Business... Design… DiFilippo/Design. Francine can be counted on to apply refined sensibilities and classic design standards to achieve the required solution. Contact her to discuss your design needs and how she can help you create the ideal balance to achieve your desired results.